SmartDrain / SmartCatheter is designed as an early warning system. As such it is aimed at complementing conventional laboratory diagnostics, not replacing it. Should the SmartDrain / SmartCatheter detect an abnormal situation it should be followed up with routine laboratory diagnostics.

SmartDrain / SmartCatheter does not depend on proprietary tube sets and is compatible with all common tube sets through a simple connector system.

The diagnostic information will be integrated into your work environment according to your needs. This can be an electronic health record, the hospital information system, Smartphone or even a Smartwatch. 

The hardware consists of a reusable electronics unit and a disposable tubing section inserted into the drain line.

The default operating mode is cloud-based. However, on-premise operation in alignment with local legal requirements is also possible.

SmartDrain operates on battery and streams data wirelessly. No cables!

We’ll take care of the implementation and make sure that all members of staff are trained and comfortable with using SmartDrain. An Elixion specialist will be present on site during the first days of SmartDrain usage to ensure seamless integration.